Government Spending plans for 2020-21 (Main Estimates)

This interactive visualisation shows how much money the Treasury has allocated to various areas of spending for 2020/21. The thicker the line, the more that is being spent.

All figures are taken from the 2020-21 Main Estimates. For simplicity, only DEL (Departmental Expenditure Limit) spending for major departments, plus AME (Annually Managed Expenditure) spending for DWP, HMRC, DFT, DFID (capital) and Business Rates Retention (Local Government), and cash funding for Devolved Administrations, is shown. Smaller departments’ DEL and AME spending and most Departments’ AME have been excluded. Day-to-day spending figures include depreciation.

Where departments have sources of income (which reflects as negative numbers in their spending plans), they have been incorporated into other categories of spending. In those cases, we use “Net” in the category name.

To learn more about public finances and this year's Main Estimates, read the HoC Library research brief .

This has been developed by the Scrutiny Unit at the House of Commons

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